Form Synergy to Scale New Heights | Thales SEC Transport Supports the Operation of the Southern Extension of Hefei Metro Line 4

On May 1, the southern extension of Hefei Metro Line 4 was officially put into operation.



The main line of the southern extension of Hefei Metro Line 4 totals 13.97 kilometers in length, with 8 stations, including 3 underground stations and 5 elevated stations. The current operation area covers 7 stations and 7 sections between Beiyanhu Station of the existing line and Shaomaogang Station of the southern extension (Ziyunhu Station will be put into operation later according to the construction plan). After the southern extension is connected to the existing line, the entire Line 4 will form a “Y” shape. The trains departing from CBZ (Comprehensive Bonded Zone) Station will therefore operate in two traffic directions, with Qinglonggang Station and Yaomaigang Station as the terminals respectively. The connection will further enhance the backbone structure of Hefei’s rail transit network, effectively driving the development of key construction areas, strengthening the interactions between cities and counties, and improving the travel convenience for the surrounding residents.



Under the guidance of Thales SEC Transport leaders and with the close collaboration of colleagues from various departments as well as the strong support of Hefei Metro’s owners, Thales SEC Transport’s team responsible for Hefei Metro Line 4 Southern Extension worked together to overcome difficulties such as epidemic control and tight schedules, and successfully completed all tasks including contract negotiation, design liaison, equipment delivery, system commissioning and project acceptance, delivering an excellent outcome for Hefei Metro and the Hefei citizens who are eagerly looking forward to the southern extension with our practical actions.


As flowers bloom in spring, success arrives following challenges. Let us hold onto hope and fulfill our commitment. Thales SEC Transport will continue to uphold the corporate philosophy of safety first, customer oriented and continuous innovation, contributing to the Hefei metro construction, the rapid urban development, and the transportation convenience of residents.