Bi Xiangli, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shentong Metro Group, Receives the Delegation Led by Wu Lei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Electric

On the morning of December 22, a delegation led by Wu Lei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Electric visited Shentong Metro Group for a work exchange meeting. Bi Xiangli, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman, and Song Bo, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and President of Shentong Metro Group, received the delegation. Other representatives attending the exchange meeting include Liu Ping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President, and heads of the General Office, the Automation Group and the Electric Rail Transit Group of Shanghai Electric, as well as Deputy Chief Engineer, and heads of the Operation Design Department and the General Office of Shentong Metro Group.



Bi Xiangli fully recognizes and appreciates the close cooperation and support between Shanghai Electric and Shentong Metro Group in all aspects, including full coverage, full lifecycle, and full professionalism. He pointed out that the two companies in Shanghai, which both aim to become top industry leaders globally, should further boost collaboration on the new journey of high-quality development, and prioritize talent training, capacity building, and technology enhancement to make themselves bigger and stronger on the basis of strengthening their own capabilities. Additionally, it is necessary to plan as early as possible, conduct in-depth research, and make solid progress, continue to increase resource investment in the transformation of existing cable systems and the construction of new lines, and ensure that the network operation and construction are safe, stable and efficient.


Wu Lei appreciated the cooperation opportunities Shentong Metro Group provided to Shanghai Electric over a long period of time, and was confident that the two companies would rev up cooperation in the future to achieve a win-win situation. He stressed that Shanghai Electric will make every effort to coordinate the best resources to invest in the network operation and maintenance, system renewal and new line construction of Shanghai Metro, and jointly enhance the operation level of Shanghai’s ultra-large rail transit network through more extensive and in-depth collaboration.


During the exchange meeting, Song Bo and Liu Ping respectively introduced and responded to the topics, such as the cultivation and development of joint ventures, the overhaul and renewal of existing lines, the outlook of new lines construction and the continuous expansion of cooperation areas.  The participants also exchanged views on the topic of strengthening collaboration to achieve high-quality development.


Article reprinted from: Metro Wonders