Bi Xiangli, Chairman of Shentong Metro Group, Meets with a Delegation Led by Millar Crawford, Executive Vice-President of Thales Group

On the morning of November 22, Bi Xiangli, Chairman of Shentong Metro Group, met with a delegation led by Millar Crawford, Executive Vice-President and President of Ground Transportation Division of Thales Group, and Suzanne Tong-Li, Deputy CEO of Thales China and Chairman of Thales SEC Transport. Other attendees include deputy chief engineers and relevant department heads from Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd., along with relevant responsible persons from Thales SEC Transport.



During the meeting, Bi Xiangli appreciated the active participation and strong support of Thales in the rapid development of Shanghai Metro. He pointed out that within Shanghai Metro’s ultra-large-scale network operations management, the reliability of the signalling system has emerged as the foundation for safe and stable operation — essentially the primary concern of Shanghai Metro. Aligned with the requirements of high-quality development and with the goal of “fault-free”, Bi Xiangli hoped that Thales would collaborate with Shanghai Metro to further enhance the stability of existing lines’ signalling system, bolster comprehensive response mechanisms, and innovatively improve the overall network efficiency from both large-scale systematic and cross-professional perspectives; In terms of overhaul and modernization, both parties were expected to heighten redundancy considerations to formulate and optimize plans in advance; Regarding newly built lines, their focus would be on devising a systematic solution with higher reliability and redundancy.


Millar Crawford extended congratulations to Shanghai Metro for its 30 years of rapid development and achievements, and expressed appreciation for the long-standing and close collaboration with Shanghai Metro. He said that Thales would be more open in embracing future opportunities and challenges with Shanghai Metro to achieve a win-win situation. In addition to continuously improving localization, approaching customers, enhancing communication and clarifying needs, Thales would leverage the global overhaul and modernization experience to expedite R&D technology upgrades, comprehensively improve the level of software and hardware, and practice the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation, satisfying the demands of higher quality development.


Article reprinted from: Metro Wonders