Thales SEC Transport Wins the Bid for the Signalling System Integration Project of the Extension Lines of Nanchang Metro Line 1 and Line 2

Thales SEC Transport has successfully won the bid for the signalling system integration project of the north and east extension lines of Nanchang Metro Line 1 as well as the east extension line of Nanchang Metro Line 2. 


The extension lines of Nanchang Metro Line 1 and Line 2 are an essential component of Nanchang Metro Phase-II construction. The east extension line of Nanchang Line 1 starts from Yaohu West Station and ends at Maqiu Station, with a total length of 4.36km, while the north extension line runs from Changbei Airport Station and stretches to Shuanggang Station, spanning approximately 16.969km. These two extension lines, unpon completion, will resolve the lack of metro connectivity to Nanchang Changbei Airport, enhancing transportation between the airport and the urban area. The east extension line of Nanchang Line 2 running from Xinjia’an Station to Nanchang East Station with a total length of 10.42km, when finished, will connect the three integrated transportation hubs of Nanchang West Railway Station, Nanchang Railway Station and High-Speed Railway Nanchang East Station.


Both Nanchang Line 1 and Line 2 have adopted Thales SEC Transport’ Seltrac™CBTC signalling system, and the extension lines will adopt its Seltrac™CBTC- compatible TSTCBTC®2.0 signalling system solution, which can greatly improve the performance of the extension section system without changing the original system. This new Seltrac™+TSTCBTC® dual system integration solution fully demonstrates the continuity and compatibility of Thales SEC Transport in product line planning. The dual system integration solution has also been adopted in the construction of the west extension line of Qingdao Metro Line 2. The introduction of self-developed TSTCBTC® products in the extension line not only elevates operational standards through the cuting-edge signalling system technology, but eliminates customers’ worries about long-term operation guarantee through hightened level of technological independence. The TSTCBTC®2.0 signalling system has achieved successful implemention in such operational lines as Shanghai Line 5, Shanghai Line 14 and Zhengzhou Line 6. Its high-reliability and high-availability system design philosophy, coupled with the “dual CBTC” and “interlocking train control integration” system architecture, guarantees “zero interruption” operations of these lines. The system adopts pure moving block based on the fine management of line resources, which maximizes the advantages of a “vehicle-based and operation-centered” framework, and supports two-way ATO operation and turn-back at any location, enabling shorter operating and turn-back intervals, and significantly improving the overall efficiency of operation.



Thales SEC Transport has maintained a longstanding partnership with Nanchang Metro, contributing to the launch and operation of Nanchang Line 1, Line 2 and Line 4. Moving forward, Thales SEC Transport will remain committed to the rail transit construction for the greater Nanchang metropolitan area together with Nanchang Metro, delivering the people of Nanchang higher “Travel Happiness”.