Thales SEC Transport Invited to Participate in the 2023 China Urban Rail Transit Expert Forum


On September 25, the 2023 China Urban Rail Transit Expert Forum was opened in Xiamen, Fujian Province, with the theme of “Synergy of Regional Rails and Coordination of Multiple Modes for Scientific and Technological Innovation and Development”. The forum was co-hosted by the Experts and Academic Committee of China Association of Metros and the Urban Rapid Rail Transit magazine publisher, and organized by Xiamen Rail Construction Development Group Co., Ltd. Mr. Liang Xiangyang, Resident Deputy Director-General of Xiamen Rail Transit Construction Headquarters and Party Group Secretary of Xiamen Municipal Transportation Bureau, Mr. Li Guoyong, Vice President of China Association of Metros, and Mr. Shi Zhongheng, Director of the Experts and Academic Committee of China Association of Metros and Editor-in-Chief of the Urban Rapid Rail Transit magazine, delivered speeches in the opening ceremony.



Dr. Gao Xiang, Director of the Design Center of Thales SEC Transport, delivered a speech entitled “High-performance Signalling System Technology for Long-term Evolution” at the forum. Starting from the current state of CBTC (Communication-Based-Train-Control) technology, his speech offered a forward-looking perspective on the trajectory of train control technology —  emphasizing efficiency, flexibility, environmental sustainability, resilience, intelligence, multi-network integration, safety, and reliability. The speech highlighted TSTCBTC®3.0, Thales SEC Transport’s independently innovated new-generation train control system, which seamlessly aligns with the future development direction of train control technology. By integrating resource-based train control technology in line with the CMTCS standard set by the China Association of City Planning, this system significantly enhances overall performance and simplifies system architecture, ensuring a safer and more convenient, cost-effective, efficient and eco-friendly operation with the support of such technologies as 5G, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication and artificial intelligence (AI).



In addition, the forum also presented the 2022 Industry Special Awards for “Rail Experts”, in which Thales SEC Transport was granted the award of “Smart Train Operation”.