The Academician and Expert Workstation Applied by Thales SEC Transport Granted Approval

The approval ceremony of the first batch of Shanghai academician and expert workstations and overseas academician science and innovation bases for 2023 has recently been held in Pudong International Talent Hub, and the academician and expert workstation applied by Thales SEC Transport was successfully approved. With “Shanghai’s Action Helps to Boost Scientific and Technological Innovation across China” as the guideline, and in the principle of “taking enterprises as the main body, intelligence as the basis, demand as the core and effectiveness as the target”, the academician and expert workstations in Shanghai are designed as an important platform to implement the “Opinions on Implementing the Action of the China Association for Science & Technology to Serve the Economic Integration and Development” issued by Shanghai Association for Science & Technology, and unite and encourage the science and technology personnel represented by academicians and experts to actively contribute to the economic construction, in order to promote the in-depth industry-university-research cooperation, and serve the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.



To meet its technological innovation needs, the  workstation of Thales SEC Transport will take the train speed measurement and positioning technology in CBTC system as the key target of innovation and development, and establish the UWB (Ultra Wide Band) transmission model for the complex environment and application scene of urban rail transit, on the basis of the research of domestic and international UWB system products and the usability study of UWB spectrum in line with Chinese laws and regulations.  It will develop the UWB positioning technology that meets the bidirectional positioning needs of urban rail trains, select applicable chips and system products, verify the UWB positioning algorithm combined with system simulation, laboratory and on-site testing, in order to form a feasible technological strategy plan. Finally, the workstation will upgrade and reconstruct the existing CBTC system train positioning function without reducing the reliability and performance of the CBTC system, and effectively improve the accuracy and reliability of urban rail train positioning, to improve the efficiency of train operation and ensure the safety of passengers.