Thales SEC Transport Launches Its Autonomous Train Control System TSTCBTC®3.0, the Next Generation Signalling System

Thales SEC Transport launches its next generation autonomous train control signalling system TSTCBTC®3.0 on April 27th. Inheriting the core advantages of the classic TSTCBTC®2.0, the new system further improves the efficiency of train control with autonomous obstacle detection, vehicle-vehicle communication, 5G and other latest technologies to make trains more intelligent and autonomous.


TSTCBTC®3.0 inherits the core advantages of TSTCBTC®2.0: the system hot redundancy of “Dual CBTC” ensures “zero interruption” of line operations; the highly-integrated structure of interlocking and train control improves the safety and reliability of the overall system performance; the pure moving block based on the refined resource management of lines can shorten operating intervals and turning-back intervals by taking full advantage of the principle of “Vehicle-Oriented and Resource-Centric” to support the bidirectional ATO operation and turning-back at any location.


The new system architecture of TSTCBTC®3.0 enables autonomous request and release of resources and autonomous completion of operation tasks of trains.  Based on the bidirectional communication of position and speed established between trains and the autonomous obstacle detection, trains will autonomously sense the surrounding environment and determine the routes. TSTCBTC®3.0 further streamlines trackside equipment and reduces space demands for cabinets and equipment by replacing traditional interlocks with full electronic interlocks; moreover, it removes most trackside equipment to cut down construction, operation and maintenance costs for owners. The streamlined system architecture also facilitates worry-free transformation and iterative upgrade at later stages, further reducing the whole lifecycle cost of the system.  LTE+WIFI/5G dual-network design is applied to the DCS system of TSTCBTC®3.0 to ensure zero interruption of vehicle-ground communication and vehicle-vehicle communication. The on-board platform is equipped with the vehicle-specific data security gateway device developed by Thales SEC Transport, which integrates vehicle data collection and network security protection functions to greatly improve communication and information security.


Liu Huiming, CTO of Thales SEC Transport, said: “Metro train control technologies are always improved along with the advancement of related technologies and the increase of operational demands. The next generation signalling system will certainly make use of new technologies and continuously improve the operation quality by achieving supreme safety, greater efficiency and optimized costs. Thales SEC Transport believes that autonomous train control is in line with the development direction of the next generation train control system. Features such as autonomous control, resource-centric, and streamlined architecture of TSTCBTC®3.0 make it the right product matching the development direction of the next generation train control system. “