“Urban rail transit based on 5G operator traffic network security research” subject through expert review

On May 31, 2023, TST organized an expert review meeting on the “Research on the Security of Train Service Network of Urban Rail Transit Based on Operator 5G”.The expert group listened to the report of the project team, reviewed the project summary report, test report, third-party network security grade protection assessment report and other materials, after expert discussion, the experts agreed that the network security solution provided by Shanghai Electric Thales based on the operator’s 5G network carrying rail transit traffic is safe, advanced and practical. Agree that the project passes the review.


As rail transit has the characteristics of multiple professional systems, business interaction between systems and complex related security policies, the existing information security architecture and requirements are no longer fully applicable to the technical route of 5G public network specialization. Therefore, TST took the lead in the sub-project of “Research on Information Security of rail transit traffic Services Based on Operators’ 5G Network”. This sub-topic of information security research investigated the security technology and guarantee mechanism of 5G network, evaluated the feasibility of each service carrier in 5G network based on the security requirements of various services, customized relevant security policies for different scenarios such as data interception and tampering, and ubiquitous attacks, and finally customized a dedicated network security solution for 5G rail transit signal services. At the same time, the scheme combines different scenarios such as underground section, elevated section, vehicle base and the corresponding 5G public network access layer architecture, and makes use of MEC edge computing and storage capabilities to carry out the pilot application of urban rail transit traffic diversion. Combined with the above research results, the 5G MEC local service distribution system was successfully built in Shanghai Line 14, and the engineering feasibility verification of 5G bearer signal service was passed.


5G network has made major breakthroughs in communication bandwidth, transmission delay, mass Internet of things, reliability and security of information transmission, etc. With 5G network as a widely connected information “highway”, we are building a digital world with the interconnection of everything and intelligent computing. TST is taking advantage of the trend and actively exploring the application of 5G in the rail transit industry. TST, Shanghai Shentong Metro Technology Center and China Telecom Shanghai Branch established the project Research group of “Comprehensive Application Research and Pilot of Rail Transit Production Auxiliary Services Based on 5G” to jointly explore the professional application of 5G network in rail transit train control, video surveillance, intelligent operation and maintenance, train positioning and other scenarios.

The research results of this topic will lay the foundation for the application of 5G network in the urban rail transit industry, and provide positive reference significance for the construction and promotion of future urban rail transit related systems.