System Design Engineer (for graduates)
Performs system design, analysis, modeling, and simulation to specify and validate the developed train control system. Develop and define system design features to meet customer requirements. Analyze and evaluate the design to ensure compliance with system technical requirements. Develop and define ATC subsystem requirements. Analyze and evaluate the performance of ATC systems and prepare technical contracts.
1. Translate customer requirements into conceptual design and perform operational analysis, simulation, and technology trade-off studies to determine optional design configurations and functional features and prepare relevant documentation. Prepare a specific ATC system analysis based on process technical skills and detailed knowledge of the ATCS domain, including one or more of the following:
   – logical and continuous control design;
   – functional decomposition and modeling
   – consultation with clients and external suppliers on interface requirements, division of work and scope of supply”
2. Perform technical/engineering tasks, define system operation scenarios and system behavior, analyze, decompose, model and refine customer requirements and typical train control domain requirements, prepare documentation of system and subsystem requirements specifications, interface requirements, timing analysis, and test requirements. Present solutions to other engineering/management teams in a clear, complete, concise and unambiguous manner.
3. Prepare design and development proposal based on ATC technical knowledge, customer requirements and technical survey. Support project team to present, report and negotiate with customer.
4. According to customer requirements for system module design, track layout and system performance analysis. Configure the system database and interlocking control tables as needed. Develop Tools/scripts based on signaling principle to validate work output and improve work efficiency.
5. Review test procedures, support investigation of system problems during testing (internal or field testing and debugging) or during revenue service, and provide solutions to problems.
6. Report to the system design team leader/manager on task assignments.
Bachelor degree or above, Major in Electrical, computer, system design engineering or related.