Site Engineer (Shanghai, Hefei, Zhengzhou)
1.Strictly abide by company and customer site safety rules and Crisis Management Plan.
2. Ability to perform sub-system tasks as assigned by site manager, such as installation supervision, testing, troubleshooting, etc. .
3. Manage subcontractor resources (E. G. Installation Company) to ensure appropriate standards are met throughout the project
4. Comply with test safety limits and work in accordance with quality procedures and standards
5. Conduct field tests according to test plan/procedure and collect test evidence.
6.Carry out maintenance works in accordance with the manual/plan/procedures
7. Report any exceptional performance or problems, detailed scenarios and logs, and improve CR if necessary.
8.Comply with company regulations and submit reports and time sheets on time
9. Support other members of the site team, such as site configuration/site test database/site occupancy application
10. Investigate Hardware/software issues as directed by the design team
Bachelor degree or master degree, rail traffic signal, computer, automation, electrical engineering, communication engineering, vehicle preferred.