Zhengzhou Metro Line 6 Western Section running on TSTCBTC®2.0 signaling system enters into revenue thanks to TST

Sept.30th, Zhengzhou Metro Line 6 Western Section entered into revenue service, which accelerated Zhengzhou’s “Metropolis on the Track” construction.

Zhengzhou Metro Line 6 construction is consist of two-phase, the West Section project is the first phase, running from Jiayu Town, Xingyang City, southwestern Zhengzhou, acrossing Mazhai Town, Erqi District, and ending at Changzhuang Station, Zhongyuan District, with a total length of 17 km. It is an important transportation corridor linking the southwest to the northeast Zhengzhou City. It greatly enhances the transportation radiating ability in the southwest region of Zhengzhou, driving the development and consumption upgrading of the area.


The Western Section of Zhengzhou Metro Line 6 adopts TST’s self-innovated TSTCBTC®2.0 signaling system featuring “dual CBTC architecture with full redundancy”. TSTCBTC®2.0 is the first system architecture provides high availability and reliability. The system takes good advantages of the moving block’s “vehicle-oriented, resource-centric” characteristics which can achieve high efficient turn-back and the shortest headway, greatly improving the operational efficiency of the line. TSTCBTC®2.0 signaling system can also realize bidirectional ATP/ATO operation in the CBTC mode of the whole line, which can meet the demands for flexible operation in fault and emergency operation scenarios.


The Western Section of Zhengzhou Metro Line 6 has experienced the dual impact of the pandemic and floods since its inception, which brought many challenges to the project. The TST project team collaborated closely with Zhengzhou Metro and successfully fulfilled the commitment to open a high quality line.

In addition, this Phase 1 project successful opening is just the beginning of TST creating better transportation for Zhengzhou; TST will keep on providing safe and efficient journey to the Zhengzhou citizens.