Thales SEC Transport Fights the Epidemic and Maintains Operation, Showing Great Power of the Ordinary

At present, Shanghai is facing the severe challenge of the COVID-19 epidemic. Thales SEC Transport is sparing no efforts to watch over 7 rail lines in order to ensure the safe, stable and orderly operation of Shanghai Metro. The Operation Department, which is responsible for on-site operations, regularly gather together the core members of the Shanghai project to an online epidemic prevention and control meeting every day, in order to convey and deliver the latest requests for epidemic prevention and control, and to update the on-site operations of the Shanghai project as well as the information of the personnel under or out of quarantine, adjust the organization of on-site personnel and the distribution of emergency response forces, formulate emergency response plans and anticipate the worst-case scenario in advance to ensure that the maintenance and production forces are put in place, and the emergency response capabilities are guaranteed.

Under the unified deployment and coordination of TST, the maintenance team of the Shanghai project is stationed in the Metro C3 Control Center in pairs in the mode of “5 days ×24 hours”, conducting an army-style concentrate management.  More than 2/3 of the team employees were stuck in lockdown or under quarantine, Fang Daoji and Hong Xiang volunteered to join the first batch of “5 days ×24 hours” teams on the front line and shoulder their responsibilities during the most difficult time. On the evening of March 27, after the new round of nucleic acid screening was officially announced, Gao Fan, the site manager of the C3 Control Center volunteered to join the second batch of “5 days x 24 hours” teams at the first time without hesitation after settling the elderly parents and young children at home, together with Ma Xiaochen, the site engineer of Line 11. They were responsible for equipment health examination, regular screening of key alarm information, emergency handling, professional technical support, etc. to ensure timely response to emergencies. It is these heroes in this difficult time who ensures the convenient travel for the Shanghai citizens, with their firm belief and indomitable will in resolutely fighting against the epidemic. 


Shao Yuhan, a site engineer also volunteered to sacrifice his leisure time to bravely take on responsibilities, trying hard to ensure the normal operation of Shanghai Line 14.  After work, when he heard that one of his colleagues could not go out to buy food due to the lockdown of the community, he even drove to buy food and supplies and personally deliver them to the colleague’s community at late night.  He said: “I saw my colleague in the distance. I waved to him and then left as soon as I dropped the package. It was not a huge package, nor was it expensive. But it represents my good wishes.” In addition, he actively participated in volunteer service at Changyi Road Station of Shanghai Line 14, sharing the pressure of the frontline workers by cooperating with station staff on disinfection work, and publicizing epidemic prevention requirements to passengers.


From early morning to sunset, he works up to 20 hours, walks an average of 15,000 steps and sleeps less than 4 hours in a day, making his own contribution to the fight against the epidemic and building a great wall of epidemic prevention for the citizens in Shanghai.