Stay at Work, and Fight COVID-19 in Joint Effort

Strong wind reveals the strength of grass; and genuine gold stands the test of fire. It is difficulty that tests one’s faith and tenacity. In the critical stage of epidemic prevention, there is such a group of people, who usually work silently in their respective positions, but at the critical moment, they shoulder the significant responsibility of epidemic prevention with a kind of indomitable courage.

Guard Shanghai Together with Bravery to Fight COVID-19

With the worsening new round of pandemic and significant increase in the number of quarantined people, TST maintenance teams were dispatched to the Intelligent Operaion Building (Building C3) of Shanghai Rail Transit Network immediately after its breakout, to join the “7*24h barrack” management of Shanghai Rail Transit Maintenance Support Co., Ltd. Having been informed that Shentong Metro needed to put in new train graphs in all lines due to the pandemic, Comrade Gao Fan immediately contacted the network center of Shanghai Rail Transit Maintenance Support Co., Ltd. to learn about the detailed needs and existing difficulties about the new train graphs, and then converted and confirmed the train graphs issued by the network center one after another. Yang Bohan and his colleagues in the field actively cooperated to ensure the uninterrupted and orderly operation of Shanghai Rail Transit.

When an emergency occurred in Middle Yanggao Road Station of Line 9, Comrade Zheng Wenyin, our technical backbone, responded immediately, who analyzed the precise location through logs, made a detailed inspection and treatment plan, carried out investigation and treatment with the owner overnight, therby fulfilling the responsibilities of metro staff with practical actions.

Fight COVID-19 with Commitment, and Build up Strength for Progress

For the sake of the normal travel of the passengers in “finals”, the field team of Line 14 spared no effort to engage in their work regardless of any difficulty. Fan Xiao, Hu Xiaokang, Hu Haojie and other comrades were stationed on duty to monitor subway operation in real time, and carried out meticulous protection during rush hours, who fought together with station personnel in the front-line of the battle against COVID-19.

Faced with the shortage of personnel due to the quarantine, TST contacted the 4th Transport Company immediately to organize volunteers. Zhuang Yingqi, Xu Bin, Man Li and other comrades volunteered to head for Changyi Road Station of Line 14; Wu Yang and Zha Zhenzhen rushed to the station as soon as they got the notice of quarantine termination from their communities. They actively cooperated with the station staff to complete the escalator disinfection and publicity of epidemic prevention, who shared the burden of front-line workers.

Join the Effort to Fight the Current Pandemic

In order to ensure the prompt procurement and delivery of materials during the pandemic, Zou Hongfeng, Chen Hua and Wan Bing in the Procurement and Logistics Department spent more than 2 hours to transfer to the subway three times and take bus, yet worked on schedule every day. Even if the rumors about quarantined operation were spread in the industrial park where the company located, they stayed at work to keep in touch with suppliers, track the progress of material procurement, do a good job of material receipt and delivery, handle customs clearance, and thereby endeavor to realize the scheduled delivery of projects.

Fight COVID-19 Jointly before the Pandemic Ends

During the pandemic, the security team consisting of Li Shunjing and Gong Xingjie from the president office and Shi Shuang and Tian Kaili from HSE took the initiative in building the first “epidemic prevention line” for the company’s employees by prudently checking the health code and place code and precisely measuring the body temperature of all the people entering and leaving the company, so as to give all the employees a secure working environment. In order to care for the employees perfectly, they collected attendance information of each department before 10:00 a.m. every day, and made every effort to ensure that more than 200 employees on duty could have lunch on time by booking lunch in advance, while they tended to be the last ones who enjoyed their own. For employees who had been quarantined at home for a long time, they opened an “administrative hotline” to help them with their work and life, and to relieve their negative emotions in a timely manner.

As commented by Dr. Zhang Wenhong: “The pandemic broke out so suddenly. It was more like a cold spell in later spring than a winter that had not yet passed, but there is nothing to fear when we see the road ahead and the spring that will surely come.” As long as we all hold the same vision and join our efforts to build a “defense line” against the pandemic, the spring day will come when the pandemic ends!