Join the Effort to Fight the Current Pandemic – Initiatives to All Party Members in TST

At present, Shanghai is in the critical stage of epidemic prevention and control. To implement the requirements of the municipal party committee and the company for epidemic prevention and control, give full play to the role of the party organization as a battlewagon and the role of party members as pioneers, and resolutely win the battle of epidemic prevention and control, the initiatives are hereby issued to all party members as follows:

Take the Lead in Practicing the Original Aspiration and Mission

Based on the in-depth awareness of severity, complexity and urgency of the current pandemic, we should give full play to the political and organizational advantages of the Party, and actively mobilize the strength of all sectors to fight the pandemic; we should resolutely implement the deployment of epidemic prevention and control, put all measures in place strictly and meticulously, and lead the majority of workers to hold on to their posts and stabilize production while building a firm bottom line of epidemic prevention and control.

Take the Lead in Fulfilling the Responsibility of Epidemic Prevention and Control Soundly

The special times require us to come up with a special spirit, and undertake the special duties. Party members and cadres should practice leadership in the front line to keep work, shoulder and fulfill their responsibility to guard the achievements of epidemic prevention and control. Party members should carry forward an anti-epidemic spirit that “I face the danger first as a Party member”, stick to the front line of their posts, and take the initiative in completing various tasks at all costs. 03

Take the Lead in Meeting the Requirements of Epidemic Prevention and Control

We should consciously cooperate with the investigation in our communities, strictly comply with the provisions in the system of epidemic prevention and control, and be “the first responsible person” of our own health: Do not leave Shanghai or gather unless necessary, wear masks, wash hands regularly, strengthen personal protection, take the initiative in monitoring our own health, and take the initiative in reporting, quarantining and seeking medical attention when finding any case.

Take the Lead in Fulfilling Social Responsibilities

We should take the initiative in publicizing the policies and measures of epidemic prevention, guide the employees to correctly understand and actively cooperate with related work, establish confidence and determination to overcome the pandemic, and resolutely maintain the stability of society and the company. Under the premise of ensuring normal work and meeting the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, all the party members should show their identity, be a pioneer, set a model and actively join the volunteer teams of epidemic prevention and control to build a solid defense line for the epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai.


The original aspiration is validated by the pandemic, and commitment is demonstrated by the banner. We protect Shanghai together regardless of the severe pandemic. Assuming the responsibility as a party member, we practice our original aspiration and mission, and gather the powerful synergy to fight the pandemic. Only if the banner and emblem of the Party shine in the front line, we firmly believe that our fight against the pandemic will end with great victory!

Released by the Party Committee in TST on March 21st, 2022