TST CEO Has Visited the Software Engineering Institute of East China Normal University, For the Mutual Exchanges of Building a Specific Software Engineering Institute Through Their Joint Efforts

Liu Jin, TST CEO; Liu Huiming, TST CTO, and other cadres from TST have visited the Software Engineering Institute of East China Normal University, to negotiate with the college leaders on such topics as co-building of a specific software engineering institute and the application of advanced software technologies including trusted computing in metro train control systems on the afternoon of January 11, 2022. And the leaders that have joined the negotiation are showing as follows, Qian Haifeng, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chen Mingsong, Vice President (in charge of the institute’s daily work) and Zhang Min, Vice President of Software Engineering Institute, and other cadres in East China Normal University.

Chen Mingsong has warmly welcomed the visit of TST cadres, hoping to expand their cooperation in scientific research and talent training, with the introduction of the scientific research teams and platforms of the Software Engineering Institute in three characteristic software directions, in terms of the trusted computing, information security and intelligence. And Mr. Chen has mainly introduced their scientific research platform of National Trusted Embedded Software Engineering Technology Research Center, which provides the support based on trusted software engineering technology to embedded systems, whose research results have been successfully applied in such safety-critical fields as rail transit, automotive electronics and aerospace.

Zhang Min has introduced the status quo of Software Engineering Institute of East China Normal University, in terms of its talent training, research platform of specific model software engineering institute, and international school operation, etc.

In the beginning, Liu Jin has congratulated on the Software Engineering Institute’s inclusion in the first batch of 33 national characteristic demonstration software colleges. TST is a state-owned holding signaling company in possession of advanced concept and mature application of CBTC technology, whose technologies are currently applied to nearly 1,500km of rail lines in 15 cities in Chinese Mainland, suggesting its rich accumulation of technology R&D and delivery management. In the context of developing a transportation power in recent years, China Association of Metros has facilitated the diverse progress of technical innovation in the domestic signaling industry, and the independent and controllable signaling technology has been developing in depth. Therefore, TST has invested over 10% of its revenues in the technology R&D each year. As a Chinese signaling company with a strong sense of mission, TST is willing to co-work with its partners in the whole signal industry, especially the resourceful universities and institutes, in order to make a difference in the innovation of signaling technology, and jointly promote Chinese signal technology from the follower to the leader on the global arena.

Liu Huiming has introduced TST’s development and application of industry-first TSTCBTC® 2.0 product featuring dual-system architecture, dominant technologies of the next generation train control system (such as cloud-based intelligent OCC, dual network design of 4G+5G, vehicle-centered design concept, active obstacle detection, etc.

The teams have demonstrated their latest research results in obstacle detection, highly trusted software development, and etc., which led respectively by Professor Liu Jing and Professor Miao Weikai from the Software Engineering Institute.

Both parties have enhanced their mutual understanding through this visit and are willing to strengthen their cooperation in co-building software institutes, talent training and joint scientific research.