The longest Nanchang metro line enters into operation thanks to TST

On Dec.26th, Nachang Metro Line 4, the longest line with the most stations entered into revenue service smoothly. This longest line is the third Nachang metro line that TST provides signaling system technologies for maximum safety and efficiency, ensuring daily pleasant and reliable journeys for local passengers.

Nanchang Metro Line 4 is the backbone line in the Nanchang metro line network. The line sets off from Baimashan Station to Yuweizhou Station, covering a total of 6 districts and 1 county. The line has a total operational rail length of 39.6 km and twenty nine stations.

Nanchang Metro Line 4 is also the line equipped with the most trains in Nanchang line network. TST project team started the site installation from this March, and successfully finished the site survey, equipment installation, power-on test, site commission covering nearly 40km tracks, depots, parking lots just within 6 months. In spite of the limited site commission time, TST project team closely cooperated with NanChang Metro and ensured the line’s high standard, high quality opening.

TST has been actively participating in NanChang metro line construction since 2013. NanChang first metro line ­(Nanchang Line 1) and the following line (Nanchang Line 2) are both running on TST signaling system. Looking to the future, TST is committed to supporting Nanchang Metro’s future goals and facilitating a better urban transportation for local citizens.