The Longest Hefei metro line enters into revenue thanks to TST

December 26, Hefei Metro Line 4, the longest line in Hefei metro network entered into revenue. The line has a total operational length of 41.37 km with 31 underground stations, which sets off from the western Qinglonggang to the northern Free Trade Zone. The line can interchange where the existing Line 1, Line 2, Line 3 and Line 5 intersect, which will serve as the backbone line for local passengers’ zero-carbon and pleasant journey.

Among the all Hefei metro lines, Line 4 is a much more complex undertaking in terms of design and construction. TST collaborated with Hefei Metro and delivered the project with high quality as expected. Hefei Metro Line 4‘s Library Station has set up a connection with Line 3 and Line 4, which will allow the cross-line operation in future. ATC has been available in the Science City Depot, which could upgrade to fully automatic depot in future; the conditions for upgrading to FAO have been prepared from the Qinglonggang to Beiyanhu section. The Line 4 and Line 6 bifurcate at the Fenglehe Station where Line 4 southward extension will intersect. Then the line will support Y-shaped routing operation.

In the face of the numerous challenges such as the longest line, a considerable amount of commissioning and tight schedule, TST cooperated closely with Hefei Metro, completed the work with high efficiency. The first train (0403)’s commissioning was finished within 5 days, setting a record for the fastest first train commissioning.

TST has a close collaboration with Hefei Metro, Hefei Metro Line 4 is the second Hefei metro line relying on TST signaling system. This line will ensure local passengers’ reliable and efficient journey. In the future, TST will be committed to participating in the construction of the Hefei rail transit network, and providing local passengers with better transportation.