New Line Progress: Shanghai Railway Line 14 completes the handover of the safety certificate for trial operation

On August 27, the Shanghai Railway Line 14 signalling system project FAO fully automatic operation trial operation safety certificate was successfully handed over. Wang Lizhou, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Rail Transit Maintenance Support Co., Ltd. Communication Signals Branch, and Liu Jin, Vice President of TST, participated in the handover ceremony.

On July 12, the commissioning of all trains on the signalling system was officially launched. Under the premise of ensuring safety, the project team, with careful organization and reasonable arrangement, overcame difficulties and ensured with strength that all commissioning tasks were completed on schedule, and issued a trial operation safety certificate three days in advance, laying a solid foundation for the upcoming trial operation. 

As an unmanned driving demonstration line in the construction of Shanghai Rail Transit, it is also the only high-density and large passenger flow line that passes through the downtown area in the project under construction, with a high degree of trust and expectation from customers. The TST project team will live up to expectations and actively cooperate with the operation management department to complete the development and implementation of the trial run drill plan to ensure the smooth opening of the line.