Briefing|Multiple TST Projects Step into Key Stage

Nanchang Metro Line 4 Phase I

The starting point of the project is Baimashan Station and the terminal station is Yuweizhou Station. The full length of the line is 39.60km. Starting in March 2021, the project has entered a full-scale rush phase, which lasted 5 months, completing the single commissioning of the trackside subsystem, the interlocking commissioning of the depot/parking lot, and the 80% field test of the first version of the software (ATP/ATO function). At present, it has entered the final phase of commissioning, and it is planned to obtain the safety certificate for the no-load trial operation of the signalling system in mid-September. The overall project is scheduled to start trial operation on November 30 this year.

Zhengzhou Metro Line 6 Phase I

The project has basically completed the commissioning of ATP related functions, and will start ATO related functions and multi-vehicle commissioning. However, due to the 720 heavy rainstorm, the commissioning work has been suspended. At present, the restoration work after the 720 flood disaster is carried out in an orderly manner. The main damaged equipment has arrived. The equipment removal and replacement work will begin in the near future. It is planned to resume the commissioning state before 720 on September 7 and continue the commissioning of the train. According to the current schedule, it is expected that the conditions for passenger-carrying trial operation will be available before the end of January 2022.

Hefei Metro Line 4

Hefei Metro Line 4 is the east-west main artery of rail transit in Hefei. The line is 41.3 kilometers long and is equipped with 47 B-type trains. The signalling system of this line uses electrical Thales SEC interconnection products. In the future, it needs to meet the requirements of interconnection with Hefei Metro Line 6. At the same time, the Science City depot and the Jimingshan-Fenglehe section are reserved for upgrading FAO conditions and future uninterrupted operations are split to Hefei Metro Line 6, and the conditions for the south extension of Hefei Metro Line 4 are reserved in Fenglehe. The Science City depot adopts the same hardware and software products as the main line, and realizes the integrated design of the main line products and the depot products. The project has been issued a trial operation certificate on August 25, 2021, and a three-month full-line train trial operation will start on September 1, 2021, and the full-line passenger-carrying operation will be opened at the end of December 2021.