TST won the bid for Wuhan Qianchuan Line

On June 25, 2021, Thales Saic Transportation System Limited Company successfully won the bid for the signal system procurement project of Wuhan City Rail Transit Qianchuan Line. This is also the fifth Wuhan Metro signaling system project won by TST.


Wuhan Qianchuan Line runs from Qianchuan, Huangpi District to Jinyin Lake. It is an important passenger transport corridor connecting the northern new city cluster with downtown of Wuhan. The main part of the Line is 36.45km long, of which the elevated section is 17.40 km, the open cut tunnel is 0.25 km, the U-type trough section is 0.61 km, and the underground section is 18.19 km. There are 11 stations along the Line (including 1 reserved station), of which 5 stations are elevated stations (including 1 reserved station), 6 stations are underground stations, 2 stations are transfer stations. The target speed of the whole line is 100km/h.


Qianchuan Line project is equipped with a vehicle depot and a reserved parking area. Qianchuan vehicle depot is located at the westernmost end of Qianchuan New Town, within the southern part of the land bounded by the Hefei-Wuhan Railway and Shuangfeng Avenue. A vehicle test track, approximately 1.6km long, is set in the Qianchuan vehicle depot .


TST has been cooperating with Wuhan Metro Group for 20 years since the construction of Wuhan Metro Line 1 with Wuhan Metro, the first CBTC line in China.  Winning the bid for the signal system procurement project of Wuhan Qianchuan Line this time means deepening cooperation between TST and Wuhan Metro. In the future, TST will keep its original intention, provide high-quality and safe solutions for Chinese urban rail transit owners, and provide passengers with a convenient and efficient rail transit travel experiences.