New line progress: Shanghai rail transit line 14 signaling system full line train commissioning

Along with the completion of the temporary transfer of traffic command in the middle section of Shanghai Railway Line 14 (Jing’an Temple Station – South Pudong Road Station), the full line commissioning of the signaling system officially started at 17:40 on July 12, 2021, marking that the delivery of the fully automatic operation signaling system for Line 14 moves into the final stretch.  

As a model line of fully automatic operation in Shanghai rail transit construction, and the only high-density & high-capacity line under construction that passes through the downtown area and uses 8 train sets and A-type trains, the TST project team overcame various difficulties due to the varying progress of the civil engineering work and the delayed completion of the whole line, and carefully organized and arranged it in an orderly manner, adopting the method of segmented temporary control and segmented train commissioning. The whole line and the depot have completed taking over and putting trains on line in seven sections.

To date, a total of 42 trains for signal commissioning have been delivered in the new trains of Line 14, including 38 trains for static signal commissioning, 29 trains for dynamic commissioning, and the main function of FAO has been basically commissioned. Next, while properly arranging the heat prevention and lowering the temperature for the safe production during the high temperature period, the project team will continue to work closely with the owner and relevant interface parties. In the next month, the focus will be moved to external interface interfacing, multi-scene linkage testing and multi-vehicle system performance testing. An on-site team will be arranged to operate on a 24-hour turnaround to ensure that the off load trial operation safety certificate is delivered on schedule by August 31, 2021.