Tongji University and TST inked an agreement, jointly set up the “The Research Center for Intelligent Rail Transit”

June 16th, Tongji University and TST inked an agreement; the two parties will jointly set up the “The Research Center for Intelligent Rail Transit. Mr. Yin Xuefeng, Vice Dean of Tongji University Electronic and Information Engineering Academy, Mr. Shen Hong, TST CEO, on behalf of each party to sign the agreement;  Mr.Tong Xinghui, Vice Principal of Tongji University, Mr.Jia Tinggang, President of Shanghai Rail Group attended the signing ceremony.

As the new information technology, artificial intelligence, high-end equipment manufacturing exert much influence on the rail transit industry, digitalization and intelligence have become the industry trend. As the pioneer of China metro industry, as always, TST is practicing self-innovation and cooperating with customers and industry partners, jointly exploring the cutting-edge technology & implementation in the rail transit.

The joint research center will focus on passenger service, transportation arrangement, train operation, green and energy saving, intelligence technology, infrastructure, operation & maintenance safety, network management, cloud computing and big data platform, technology standard system; the ten intelligent rail transit construction directions. The two parties will jointly start the prospective product and technology R&D.

Being a renowned multidisciplinary university, Tongji University takes the lead in multidisciplinary R&D capacity. It has the nation’s first “Comprehensive Test Platform for Urban Rail Transit.” Thales SEC Transport has a strong legacy of academic partnerships with Tongji University. This agreement will take advantage of Tongji University’s academic capacity and TST’s innovation practice, together facilitating the intelligent rail transit construction.

Mr. Zhang Yalei, President of Engineering & Industry Research Institute, Mr. Wang Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Electronic & Information Engineering Academy, Professor Xu Zhongwei, Professor Huang Xinlin and Mr.Yan’aihua, Vice Director of Tongji University Foreign Affair department, Mr. Zhang Bo, Office Director of China-France Engineering and Management School; Mr. Liu Jin, TST Vice President,  Mr. Wang Zhongbin, Marketing Director, Mr. Gu Jianghe, TST Product Director were present at the signing ceremony.