TST was invited to participate in the 6th China Smart Rail Transit Conference 2021

On May 20th, the 6th China Smart Rail Transit Conference 2021 was held in Suzhou.   More than 1,000 people from government authorities of the national urban rail transit, subway owners, design institutes, scientific research institutes, equipment manufacturers, media and other relevant fields attended the conference, which focused on full automatic operation, smart operation and maintenance and scientific management, smart stations and other related topics. 

Thales SEC Transport was invited to attend the Conference as an industry representative unit. Zhu Yangrui, Director of System Design of Thales SEC Transport, delivered a speech entitled “Smart New Generation Train Control System”.  The next generation smart train control system TSTCBTC®2.0 of Thales SEC Transport was introduced to the colleagues attending the meeting. 

Thales SEC Transport TSTCBTC®2.0 signaling system can realize continuous and efficient operation while ensuring safety.  By analyzing the probability of fault distribution and its impact on operation, we can strengthen CBTC resources, simplify backup downgrade resources, rise above the limitation of interlocking system on system performance in the traditional interlocking superimposed ATP system, and realize the integration of interlocking train control. Also, we innovatively put forward the concept of train-centered mobile authorization to meet the requirements of flexible organization operation. 

Zhang Liwen, Manager of Smart O&M Products of Thales SEC Transport, delivered a speech entitled “TSTIOM® Helps to Improve Quality and Efficiency of Operation and Maintenance of Rail Transit “, sharing with the attending industrial peers the thinking and practice of Shanghai Electric Thales in the smart urban metro construction and the smart O&M.

Built on the basis of RCM, i.e. reliability-oriented maintenance theory and practice, TST TSTIOM® smart O&M system is capable of developing the most reasonable O&M strategy for different equipment; with its native Internet system architecture, it meets the requirements on scalability, high redundancy, high availability and openness; by converting the traditional O&M management mode mainly based on manual work into the automated, integrated and information-based smart O&M management mode, and integrating cloud computing, big data, machine learning and other functions, the system is capable of deep analysis and prediction of faults. In addition, TSTIOM® provides a complete set of electronic processes for fault response and emergency handling, and helps O&M staff to significantly improve their work efficiency by integrating GIS, BIM, AR and other technologies.

At the dinner and award ceremony on May 20th, “Shanghai Line 5 TSTCBTC®2.0 Passenger Operation” won the “2020 China Smart Rail Transit Excellent Application Case Award”.