TST was invited to attend the 7th China (Zhengzhou) Intelligent Rail Transportation and Innovation Development Conference 2021

On April 15, the 7th China (Zhengzhou) Intelligent Rail Transportation and Innovation Development Conference 2021 was held in Zhengzhou. More than a thousand attendees were present at the Conference, including leaders from railway groups, metro planning, design and construction units, various equipment and facility companies, as well as associations, universities and media. Zhang Zhou, Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager of Zhengzhou Metro Group Co., Ltd, Guo Lin, President of World Railway Development and Research Society, and Zhou Xiaoqin, Executive Vice President of China Association of Metros, delivered opening speeches for the Conference. The Conference had a focused theme of “Development and Opportunities of Intelligent Urban Metro” 

TST was invited to attend the Conference as an industry representative unit. Zhang Liwen, Manager of Intelligent O&M Products of TST, delivered a speech entitled “TSTIOM® Helps to Improve Quality and Efficiency of O&M of Rail Transit”, sharing with the attending industrial peers the thinking and practice of TST in the intelligent urban metro construction and the intelligent O&M. 

Built on the basis of RCM, i.e. reliability-oriented maintenance theory and practice, TST TSTIOM® intelligent O&M system is capable of developing the most reasonable O&M strategy for different equipment; with its native Internet system architecture, it meets the requirements on scalability, high redundancy, high availability and openness; by converting the traditional O&M management mode mainly based on manual work into the automated, integrated and information-based intelligent O&M management mode, and integrating cloud computing, big data, machine learning and other functions, the system is capable of deep analysis and prediction of faults. In addition, TSTIOM® provides a complete set of electronic processes for fault response and emergency handling, and helps O&M staff to significantly improve their work efficiency by integrating GIS, BIM, AR and other technologies.

In the future, TSTIOM® will be applied to Zhengzhou metro lines for accurate and efficient O&M management, helping Zhengzhou’s construction of intelligent urban metro.