Wuhan first intercity metro-Line 11 Gedian Section enters into revenue thanks to TST

January 2nd , 2021, Wuhan Metro Line 11 Gedian Section entered into revenue.. It starts from the western Zuoling Station of Line 11, the terminal station Gedian Southern Station is set up at the crossroad between the Gaoxin Avenue and Caoling Road which allows transfer with Wuhuang Intercity Mainline. This line is the first intercity metro line in Wuhan Metropolitan Circle which links Wuhan and Gedian Development Zone of Ezhou. It will improve transportation efficiency between Wuhan & Ezhou, facilitating Gedian Southern Station transportation junction, speeding up the integration between the main line and metro networks in order to realize the two cities’ integrating high quality development.


The Gedian section started construction from last July. Because of the Covid-19 lockdown in Wuhan, the infrastructure construction was delayed. In order to meet the revenue date, TST Wuhan team quickly took measures to counter the delay caused by lockdown. Due to the lockdown, Wuhan team mobilized the local best site engineers to take more tasks in order to complete the work in time. Giving the situation that multiple specialty tasks were taken at the same time in the complex tunnel working condition, Wuhan team quickly made risk analysis, worked out the project delivery plan according to company’s safety & quality policy and anti-pandemic measures. These actions ensure the signaling system’s high quality delivery.


TST has a long cooperation history with Wuhan Metro. Since from the first CBTC line–Wuhan Line One, we are always committed to working closely with Wuhan Metro, to provide signal service for this city. TST will continue to support Wuhan Metro, to help build the big Wuhan Metropolitan Circle on track.