Congratulations! Liu Huiming, CTO of Thales SEC Transport (TST), won the title of Shanghai Model Worker

In the afternoon of December 2, the 2020 Shanghai Model Workers (Advanced Workers) and Shanghai Model Group Commendation Conference was held ceremoniously. Liu Huiming, CTO of TST, was awarded the title of Shanghai Model Worker in 2020 in recognition of his extraordinary achievements in the ordinary post.


Liu Huiming serves as the CTO and the Technical Director of TST and is an expert in the field of rail transit signaling. Over the years, he has been committed to the development of a new generation of CBTC (Communication Based Train Control System) products, allowing the Company to achieve an important breakthrough from “introduction-digestion-absorption” to full autonomy, making an outstanding contribution to promote the localization and independence of the subway train control system.


From 2013, he presided over the development of a new generation of TSTCBTC®2.0 products, formed a core R&D team from scratch, and achieved first in China a breakthrough in “Dual CBTC” and interlocking train control integrated design concept. Liu Huiming led his team to overcome difficulties day and night. In the case of tight schedule and high difficulty, he worked hard to complete a series of key nodes such as product safety platform development, product development, on-site pilot testing, safety certification, and project engineering deployment. After repeated reviews by internal and external experts, they finally realized the first implementation of signaling on the Shanghai Metro Line 5, and realized system upgrade and line extension. At the end of 2018, the cutover was completed successfully at one time with zero impact on operation, and it had become a model for upgrading the existing lines in China. The TSTCBTC®2.0 System has been in safe operation on Shanghai Metro Line 5 for nearly two years. The system has been operating stably and reliably. The number of delays and clearances for five minutes or more caused by the signalling system is 0, achieving high system availability and realizing the design goal of “0” operational interference.


Facing the rapid development of subways and the diversification of demand in China, Liu Huiming and his team have never stopped their pace of research and development. Based on the preliminary results of the TSTCBTC®2.0 System, they conducted research on the interconnection and intercommunication system, conducted joint technical research with partners, formulated the standard for rail transit interconnection and intercommunication of Shanghai, and developed interconnection and intercommunication CBTC products, which had been successfully adopted in Qingdao and Hefei subways.


Glory and happiness belong to the working people. We shall learn from the spirit of Model Workers, unite more closely around the Central Committee of CPC, be diligent in creativity and strive bravely, and make all efforts to create a new era of brilliance and a new historical achievements on the new journey to fully build a modern socialist China!