TST was invited to participate in 2020 (4th) China Urban Rail Transit Vehicle Equipment Operation and Maintenance Congress.

The Congress was held in Hefei from November 6 to 7. It was attended by over 35 owners of metro companies, 15 university expert representatives, and 80 excellent solution suppliers and 500 industry guests across China to discuss the status quo, technical application and development of urban rail vehicle equipment operation and maintenance.

Thales SEC Transport (TST) was invited to participate as industry representative. During the Congress, Gu Jianghe, Director of TST product R & D center, introduced TSTIOM smart operation and maintenance system. As a smart operation and maintenance system based on lifecycle service, TSTIOM is equipped with the functions of online data collection, systematic analysis, predictive maintenance, visual management and holographic data integration application etc.

According to public materials, as of September 30, 2020, a total of 41 cities in mainland China have opened urban rail transit lines of 7141.55 kilometers . As China’s urban rail transit has entered a period of rapid growth, its operation scale is also expanding fast. The whole rail transit industry has a huge rigid demand for ensuring operation safety, improving service quality and reducing operating costs. Higher requirements are put forward for reliability, availability, maintainability and safety of facilities and equipment. Customers are no longer satisfied with traditional maintenance out of errors or planning, instead, they turn to focus on the condition based maintenance based on equipment data and error prediction. The smart operation and maintenance system of TSTIOM will promote the digital and intelligent development of urban rail transit operation and maintenance.