TST Was Invited To the China Association of Metros Expert Forum and Won the Technology Innovation Award

From September 16 to 19, the China Association of Metros Expert Forum was held in Tianjin, with the theme of “Smart and Innovative Development of Regional Rail Transit”. This Forum was jointly organized by the China Association of Metros experts and academic committee academic annual conference, “Urban Rapid Rail Transit” council annual conference and other conferences. Over many years of holding, the Expert Forum has become an academic event for top experts in China’s urban rail industry.

Thales SEC Transport (TST) was invited to participate as an industry representative unit. During the conference, Sun Laiping, Chief Product Design Engineer and R&D Product Director of TST R&D Center, delivered a speech entitled “Innovative Practice in Full Automation of Signaling System”: The TSTCBTC®2.0 signaling system independently developed by TST can fully meet the requirements for high availability and high reliability in fully automatic train operation scenarios. The redundant system architecture of dual CBTC of TSTCBTC®2.0 and the integrated design of interlocking and train control can provide high-quality continuous operation under the premise of ensuring safety; its “vehicle-oriented” mobile authorization concept can meet flexible operation organization needs. TSTCBTC® 2.0 has successfully operated a total mileage of more than 6 million train kilometers on Shanghai Line 5 and passed the expert review of passenger operation assessment by the China Association of Metros last month. In addition, Shanghai Electric Thales and Shanghai Metro Technology Center have completed the interconnection interface and function verification based on TSTCBTC®2.0 system, and are exploring the development of the next generation train control system based on the TSTCBTC®2.0 system, combined with independent train positioning and environment perception and other technologies.   

At the Award Ceremony, TST won the “Technology Innovation Award” which commends TST for its innovative practices brought to the industry by its “train-centric” CBTC products.