TST Successfully Co-organized “2020 Urban Rail Transit Signal Operation and Maintenance and Innovation Symposium under Networked Operation Mode”

The “2020 Urban Rail Transit Signal Operation and Maintenance and Innovation Symposium under Networked Operation Mode”, which was guided by China Association of Metros, Shanghai STDecaux Group Co., Ltd. and Tongji University, co-sponsored by Shanghai Metro Maintenance and Support Co., Ltd. and Tongji University’s “Urban Rail Transit Research” magazine publisher, and co-organized by Thales SEC Transport System Co., Ltd. (TST) was held in Shanghai on August 20, 2020.

More than 300 people from the association, local railway companies, universities, equipment companies and media attended the event. Wang Biao, Deputy Secretary General of China Association of Metros, Zhang Lingxiang, General Manager of Shanghai Metro Maintenance and Support Co., Ltd, Chen Xiaohong, Director of National Maglev Transportation Engineering Research Center, and Dean of Institute of Railway and Urban Rail Transit of Tongji University, delivered opening speeches on behalf of the Association, metro companies and universities. Mr. Li Zhonghao, expert of China Association of Metros and Deputy Director of Academic Committee, made a speech on “Promoting urban rail informatization, developing intelligent system and building wisdom urban rail”.

Wang Zhongbin, Marketing Director of TST, delivered a speech entitled “New infrastructure to help improve the quality and efficiency of rail transit operation and maintenance” on behalf of TST. According to the statistics of the Operation Management Committee of China Association of Metros, 63 cities in China have received approval from the Development and Reform Commission or local governments for their urban rail transit line networks by 2019, and more than 30 cities will enter the network operation stage after all of them are completed. By June 2020, the country has opened about 6,917 km of operational mileage, which poses new challenges to the operation and maintenance of rail transit. With the rise of IoT, big data, 5G, artificial intelligence, edge computing and other emerging technologies, the traditional Operation and Maintenance management model no longer meets the demands of the new technology era. Thus TST put forward “comprehensive solution of precise intelligent operation and maintenance”, which starts from the real scene requirements of network operation, breaking through the data island among various majors to achieve panoramic vision. By tracking and analyzing the status data in real time, it can make accurate prediction and judgment on the status of the equipment, thus realizing the real status-based and accurate O&M management.