TST Helps the Official Operation of New Added Chenxiang Highway Station of Shanghai Metro Line 11

On August 25, Shanghai Metro Line 11 Chenxiang Highway Station was officially opened for operation. This station is the first new subway station added to the existing line in China, and the whole project adopts the mode of “operation, renovation and construction at the same time”.

Chenxiang Highway Station is a reserved station between Nanxiang Station and Malu Station of Line 11 Phase I, which was opened in 2009. As the constant construction of Yunxiang large residential community and Nanxiang East Community, the housing around the station has been built and put into use one after the other, which has gradually formed sufficient and stable sources of passengers and strong traffic demand. Therefore, the city and district governments, together with Shentong Metro Group, have initiated the construction of Chenxiang Highway Station after many times of coordination. The Chenxiang Highway Station is about 300 meters forward of the original reserved station position towards Nanxiang Station, which makes the entire signal reservation equipment need to be adjusted according to the new station layout.

As the signaling system supplier of this station, with decades of experience in signal operation, Thales SEC Transport (TST) conducted in-depth research and analysis on the reserved equipment, hardware and software, existing line system and operational risks of Chenxiang Highway Station of Line 11, combined with the technical characteristics of TST CBTC system centered on the vehicle, elaborately designed and formulated an efficient and reliable commissioning operation plan, and then carried out a comprehensive analysis of the project. The time points of each link are scientifically controlled, and the reverse connection process and operation plan are optimized to ensure that the commissioning work does not affect normal operation.

After nearly three years since the commencement of construction, a series of project nodes have been completed smoothly, and the overall renovation and construction has achieved “zero impact” on passenger travel.

The opening of Chenxiang Station will drive the development of Yunxiang large residential community and Nanxiang East community, and TST will continue to help the steady operation of Line 11.