TST Helps the Full Operation of the Whole Ningbo-Fenghua Intercity Railway

On September 27, 2020, Ningbo Rail Transmit Line 3 (Yinfeng section) was officially opened, marking the full operation of the whole Ningbo-Fenghua Intercity Railway. Ningbo-Fenghua Intercity Railway is the first intercity railway in Ningbo, with a total length of about 21.53 km and 9 elevated stations. The first opening section of the Ningbo-Fenghua Intercity Line (“Three Stations and Three Intervals” formed by Jiangshan Station, Shishan Station, Minghui Station ) was opened in September last year. This time Ningbo Rail Transmit Line 3 (Yinfeng Section) (“six stations and six intervals” formed by Chaoyang Station, Fangqiao Station, Jinlin Station, Nandu Station, Dacheng East Road Station, Jinhai Road Station) is opened. The full operation of the whole Ningfeng Intercity Line will further strengthen the radiating ability of the central urban area of Ningbo to its surrounding cities, and promote the integration of Yinnan and Fenghua areas into the Ningbo metropolitan area.

As a signaling system supplier for the Ningbo-Fenghua intercity line, Thales SEC Transport (TST) project team reserved cutover interfaces for the first opening and later opening sections in the system design phase; and before the formal cutover, with strong support from the Ningbo Metro owner, 4 rehearsals were conducted. Although the on-site operation time for formal cutover is short, with the sufficient preparation, all pre-cutovers, including the formal cutover, are a one-time success.
Line 3 (Yinnan-Fenghua Section) and the first opening section of Ningbo-Fenghua Section are connected to Ningbo Line 3. The signal technology scheme is the same as that of Line 3. Both adopt LTE integrated bearer CBTC and the dedicated wireless communication system to integrate signaling and communication as a whole to provide a more reliable and encrypted dedicated frequency band for the train control system, thereby improving the stability of train operation.

TST has been actively participating in the construction of urban (suburban) railways to provide transportation assistance for the development of metropolitan area. In addition to the whole Ningbo-Fenghua intercity line that is put into full operation this time, we also provide signaling solutions for Hangzhou Line 16 (Hangzhou-Lin’an Intercity Line), Nanjing S7 Line (Nanjing-Lishui Line), Shanghai Line 11 and other urban (suburban) railways, providing residents in the central urban area and surrounding areas in the metropolitan area with more convenient rail transit travel services.