TST @ 2020 Summit Forum on Urban Safe Construction and Intelligent Operation of Railway& 2020 5th Conference on Intelligent Rail Transit, China

The Summit Forum on Urban Safe Construction and Intelligent Operation of Railway was held in Shanghai on July 30. Authoritative experts from various urban rail transit companies, subway planning, design and construction units, rail transit equipment related industries, associations, and universities participated in the meeting. The conference focused on two topics of “Green construction, smart city, focusing on the quality development of urban railways” and “Intelligent operation of urban rail transit and equipment technology innovation”.

Wang Zhongbin, Marketing Director of TST, presented a speech entitled Thinking and Exploration on Diversified Demand of Railway Signal in Cities with Chinese Characteristics at the conference, and proposed cross-standard urban railway signal system solution for four-network convergence.

As the implementation of the national new-type urbanization plan goes further, the urban railway, which connects the surrounding town clusters and the downtown, and connects all town clusters, can provide fast, commuting-enabled and large-volume transportation services, serving as an important part of comprehensive transportation system of the city. The signal system is a decisive factor in the operational capacity of urban railways. At present, the CBTC standard, the CTCS2+ATO standard, and the ETCS standard (point connection) are adopted by the domestic urban railway signal system. Out of the actual needs of public transportation operation for urban railways and under the premise of safety guide in malfunction, the urban railway signal system should focus on issues such as the degree of automation, turn-back capability, operation interval, compatibility, and investment scale. The choice of urban (suburban) train control system worths thinking about and discussion based on existing train control technology and the direction of the four-network convergence.

The 2020 5th Conference on Intelligent Rail Transit, China was held in Chengdu On July 31. Authoritative experts from various local development and reform commissions, urban rail transit companies, rail transit equipment related enterprises, associations, universities attended the meeting. The conference focused on topics including communication technology, intelligent operation and maintenance and health management, operation management and information technology forum, smart security, FAO, etc.

Sun Laiping, Chief Product Design Engineer and Director of R&D Division of TST, delivered a speech titled Innovative Practices in FAO of Signaling Systems. After analyzing the requirements of FAO and the characteristics of FAO systems, he pointed out that TSTCBTC® 2.0, independently developed by TST, can fully meet the requirements of high reliability and high availability of the signal system for FAO by virtue of its dual CBTC system architecture and the integrated design of train control and interlocking, thus realizing GoA4 fully automatic operation (FAO). The high reliability and high availability performance of TSTCBTC®2.0 has been fully verified in Shanghai Metro Line 5. Since the opening of operation in 2018, the number of delays more than 5 minutes caused by signal failure is 0; the number of passengers having to get off the train due to signal failure is 0.