Cooperation agreement reached between Shanghai Metro Technology Center and TST to explore the innovative application of 5G in operation and maintenance of urban rail transit

The Technical Center of Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd. and Thales SEC Transport System Co., Ltd. signed the Cooperation Agreement on Comprehensive Application Research and Pilot Project of 5G-based Rail Transit and Production Assistance Service.

With the advantages of large bandwidth, low delay, high reliability and wide access, 5G will enable the development of all industries, and bring new possibilities for service carrying and operation and maintenance management of urban rail transit. However, there are some problems not yet solved in its application in the industry, such as unclear matching of service requirements and 5G technical characteristics, diversity and dispersion of the original technical systems, and limited coverage performance in tunnel sections, so it still needs joint efforts of all involved parties to promote further development of technical solutions and the industry. Therefore, the two sides will actively explore the professional application of 5G network in the train control system in rail transit, closed-circuit television, intelligent operation and maintenance and other fields, to carry out the optimization and development of service systems and feasibility verification in real environment.

Shanghai Metro attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, actively explores the application of new technologies, and keeps on the integration of service improvement and technological innovation. The 5G network to cover all Shanghai Metro is under construction. Shanghai Metro is also trying to explore innovative applications of 5G in rail transit operation management, passenger service and intelligent operation and maintenance of the equipment.

As a long-term partner of Shanghai Metro, TST has been constantly committed to the technological advances and the practice of independent innovation. Upon conclusion of the cooperation agreement, the two sides will focus on 5G +business scenarios to cooperate on 5G network-based CBTC real-time transmission, real-time transmission of train control and maintenance data, network security and resource guarantee, research and application of industry-specific terminal equipment and other units; they will draw upon the strengths of others, work with operators and equipment manufacturers to promote the integrated application of 5G in the professional urban rail transit system based on the specialized technology of 5G public network, helping to improve the overall safety and efficiency of the industry.