The fastest Hangzhou intercity metro line16 enters into revenue service thanks to TST

On April 23rd, Hangzhou Metro Line 16, an intercity transit line connecting Hangzhou downtown and Lin’an entered into revenue service.


Hangzhou Metro Line 16 starts eastward from Jiuzhou Street Station, Lin’an to Yuhang Lvting Road Station with a total operational length of 35 kilometers, 12 stations (8 underground and 4 elevated). Capable of reaching 120 km/h with only 38 minutes for a single trip, it is currently the fastest metro line in Hangzhou, contributing to a one-hour traffic zone from Hangzhou downtown to Lin’an district.


As one important intercity metro in the Hangzhou metropolitan area, Hangzhou Line 16 not only links Lin’an district and Hangzhou main area, facilitating Lin’an’s sustainable growth via integrating into Hangzhou metropolis, Yangtze River Delta; but also boosts regional transportation within the Hangzhou metropolitan area. It also consolidates Hangzhou’s position as a southern central city in Yangtze River Delta, and fastens the regional extension of Zhejiang province.


As the signaling system supplier of Hangzhou Metro Line 16, basing on the line’s characteristics and customer requirements, TST optimized the system based on product 6.0 and developed new functions such as ATS triple redundancy, ATP protection for engineering vehicles, switch protection in IATP mode, and optimizing the functions of train hold, route trigger timing, route release delay. Excellent system performance has been fully recognized by the customer.


In future, TST will continue to engage ourselves in the construction of Hangzhou metropolitan intercity rail transit, and provide comfortable rail experience for more residents in Hangzhou metropolitan areas.