TST was awarded of contract for Nanchang Metro line 4 the 1st phase signaling project


April 9th, Nanchang, Thales SEC Transportation System Company Limited (TST) was awarded of contract for Nanchang Metro Line 4 the 1st phase signaling project.


TST clinched the victory of the first metro signaling tender, after China reopened its economy amid coronavirus pandemic. This winning marks the great start for TST 2020 business growth.


The 1st phase Nanchang Metro Line 4 runs westward from Baimashan Station to Yuweizhou Station, passes through main area of Nanchang and connects five districts. The 1st phase Nanchang Metro Line 4 has a total operational length of 39.6km, with 34.1km underground, 5.5km elevated and features 29 stations, which is the longest with the most stations metro line in Nanchang.


Since 2013, TST has been actively engaged in Nanchang metro line construction. The Nanchang Metro Line 1, the first metro line in the city which TST installed the signaling system went into revenue service in 2015, fulfilling the “Metro Dream” for over 5 million Nanchang residents. Then the first and the second section of Nanchang Metro Line 2 went into revenue service in 2017 and 2019 respectively. TST successfully completed the 2nd section signaling project in a very short time period, set a new record in the signaling project delivery.


As more metro lines went into revenue service, Nanchang residents will enjoy much more convenient urban transportation. TST together with Nanchang Metro have witnessed Nanchang, the historic city’s transformation to a bustling metropolis facilitating by metros. In the future, TST will constantly provide Nanchang Metro with high quality products & service and create better transportation for Nanchang residents.