An outstanding female worker in the new era

Recently, the Municipal Electromechanical Labor Union issued the Decision on the Commendation of the ‘May Day Female Worker Awards” (Teams/Individuals) and Outstanding Female Workers of the Shanghai Electromechanical Labor Union System in 2019, rewarding outstanding female workers and teams. Guan Wennuo, Regional Sales Manager of TST, was awarded the title of the May Day Female Worker Awards (Individuals) by Shanghai Electromechanical  Labor Union.

Since joining the company in July 2015, Guan Wennuo has won orders for three new lines (Jinan Metro Line 1, Qingdao Metro Line 8, and Qingdao Line 4), and has developed a new market, with a total order amount reaching more than one billion yuan. As the company’s first interconnected project order in the country, the bid winning of Qingdao Metro Line 8 enabled the interconnected products developed by company to be implemented, also providing powerful support for subsequent products in the market.

Based in Qingdao, Guan Wennuo also actively explores the surrounding markets. While strengthening relations with customers, she also implements the company’s sales localization strategy well with excellent sales performance and strong teamwork ability.

The female employees of TST will take the advanced individual as an example to further carry forward the spirit of ownership and facilitate the urban rail transit to move forward.