TST helped the opening of the first section of Ningbo-Fenghua Intercity Railway!

Today (on the 28th), the first section of Ningbo-Fenghua Intercity Railway (Ningfeng line) (from Gaotangqiao station to Minghui Road station) is officially opened!

The first section of Ningfeng line starts from Gaotangqiao, with a total length of 5.61 km. It is arranged with Jiangshan station, Shishan station and Minghui Road station, three stations and three intervals in total. The first section of Ningfeng line is a fast passage connecting Ningbo downtown and Yinnan area. It is connected with Line 3, and passengers do not need to get off and transfer to another vehicle.

As one of the lines in the recent construction planning of intercity railway in Zhejiang metropolitan area, Ningfeng line will boost the radiation of Ningbo central urban area to surrounding cities, and promote Yinnan and Fenghua areas to integrate into Ningbo metropolitan area.

TST provides signaling system and services for phase I of Ningbo Metro Line 3 and the first section of Ningfeng line. The former was successfully put into operation in June 2019.

The first section of Ningfeng line, connected with Line 3, shares the same signal technology solution with Line 3. Both of them adopt LTE Integrated Load CBTC and special wireless communication system to integrate the signal and communication, and to provide a more reliable and encrypted special band for the train control system, thus enhancing the stability of the train operation.

Shen Hong, Deputy CEO of TST, said, “TST has always been adhering to the value of customer first. Since the signing of the project contract in 2016, we have maintained close communication with the customer. The opening of the first section of Ningfeng line is another result of our close cooperation with the owners.”

As phase II of Ningbo-Fenghua Intercity Railway, the second section of Ningfeng line has entered the stage of mechanical and electrical equipment room decoration and equipment installation. TST will continue to provide reliable and safe signaling system services and assist the construction of intercity line network in Ningbo metropolitan area!