Speed and Passion of TST

Each employee of TST has the original mission and dream to seek the development of China’s urban rail signaling industry and the progress in their career. At TST we help each other to achieve success, and we write the story about “our solution provided for your happy travel” together.

In this issue of “My Story with TST”, we invite Zhang Lei, the project manager having served TST for 8 years, who has just won the title of “advanced individual of participating units” awarded by the CPC committee of Nanchang Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd. Over a very short duration of more than two months, the second section of Nanchang Metro Line 2 that Zhang Lei is responsible for has completed the signaling system project with high quality, creating a new speed of TST project delivery and hitting a national record of the industry.

Beginning of dream

My story with TST began in 2006, when the SelTrac™MS China CBTC system provided exclusively for mainland China was first applied to Shanghai Metro Line 8, the first line in China. As the cooperating debugger of the vehicle part, I was involved in the entire course of installation and debugging of the first train-borne equipment set. Many partners I worked with are still struggling in different departments of TST, and they have witnessed the development and growth of TST.


Journey of dream seeking

After joining TST in 2012, I was gradually promoted to the management position of the field department from the position of site manager. During this period, I have worked on many challenging projects one after another with the team from Huaqiao Section of Line 11, Nanjing Airport Line to Wuhan Line 3, and the team of the field department has also seen an increase of members from over 80 at the beginning to nearly 200 with continuous improvement and maturity of its ability. In the second half of 2017, I was transferred to the post of project manager to be responsible for the implementation of the second section project of Nanchang Metro Line 2.

With serous delay due to external conditions in the first half of this year, we completed the tasks of all equipment installation, separate debugging of subsystems, system integration test, safety demonstration and rectification of problems in a short period of 2-3 months with high quality according to the customer’s requirements, and no requirement for signaling rectification was received in the expert review at the end of June.



Wishes to TST

This is my 14th year in the metro industry, and my 8th year in TST. I was very lucky to enter the metro industry at the most prime time, where I have found my position and achieved self-development on the favorable platform of TST. TST team is young and full of passion. There are many brothers and sisters we have fought and struggled with side by side. I hope all those joining TST will realize theirs mall goals through continuous learning and efforts, and jointly create the big goal of TST: “Our solution provided for your happy travel”.