TST Won the Title of Quality Supplier of Shanghai Metro in 2019

TST was rated on December 3 as a “Quality Supplier of Shanghai Metro in 2019” at the 2019 urban rail transit logistics and procurement management exchange forum led by the material and logistics branch of Shanghai Rail Transit Maintenance Support Co., Ltd. It stood out from 2051 qualified suppliers on the procurement platform of Shanghai Metro and became one of the eight suppliers winning the award.

Shanghai is one of the earliest cities to start subway construction in China, and also the forefront leading the technology, which is attributed to the high standard construction and operation management of Shanghai Metro. In the course of serving Shanghai Metro for more than ten years, TST, always customer demand-oriented and committed to continuous innovation, has applied its signaling system to 6 service lines of Shanghai Metro, including the longest line with the shortest operating interval and the largest number of serving trains and the only cross-provincial line.

TST has always placed the concept of meeting customer needs and improving customer service level and quality in a crucial position for a long time. In the large contract delivery of Shanghai Metro spare parts in 2019, TST completed the task 3 months ahead of the schedule with excellent performance, winning high recognition from Shanghai Metro.

Adhering to the principle of “taking on heavy tasks to serve the society and keeping the original intention to build excellent products”, TST will actively make further contributions to the reliable and safe operation of Shanghai Metro.