TST Wins Multiple Awards from Operators

Good news is coming one after another from our project sites in various regions at the beginning of the New Year. The recognition and awards from operators have affirmed our dedication and efforts last year and made us embark on the new journey with full confidence.

Ningbo Rail Transit Project Contribution Competition Committee awarded the “Excellent Equipment Supplier 2019” Gold Medal to TST.

TST won the honor of “Excellent System Integration Supplier 2019” from Shenzhen Metro Phase 3 Stage 2 (Control System Group); and Fan Haining won the title of “Excellent Project Manager”.


In order to recognize TST which supported the initial operation of Phase 2 of Lines 5 and 9 in advance with high quality, Shenzhen Metro Construction Group Co., Ltd. awarded the title of “Excellent Equipment Supplier for Guaranteeing Opening” to the company; and Qi Yan won the honor of “Excellent Individual for Guaranteeing Opening”.

Qingdao Metro Group presented the “Advanced Participation Unit Award for Opening of Line 2 West Section to recognize the outstanding contributions of the Qingdao Line 2 project team.


TST won the title of “Excellent Supplier for New Line Construction 2019” from Wuxi Metro Group Co. Ltd.; and Wen Xianglan was honored “Advanced Individual for New Line Construction”.

Only by striving for achievements can we live up to our commitment. TST always gives priority to customer needs and improves service level and quality, with the goal of contributing to the construction and safe operation of urban rail transit.