TST invites you to the (3rd) Shanghai International Urban Rail Transit Summit Forum

Thales SEC Transportation System Limited Company appeared at the 2019 (3rd) Shanghai International Urban Rail Transit Summit Forum with its created comprehensive system solution for the rail transit industry.

With the rapid development of economy in China, cities are facing greater commuter and passengers have increasing demand for safe and efficient commuter. To better meet such demand, TST has independently innovated the new generation of China’s CBTC signaling system TSTCBTC®2.0 by introducing, digesting and absorbing the world’s leading CBTC technology, based on “in-depth introduction of core technology + independent innovation at a higher starting point”, with experience in serving China’s urban rail transit for over 10 years. 

The system has now been successfully applied to Shanghai Metro Line 5 successfully opened in 2018. In the face of the complex situation of the reconstruction of its existing line and the construction of the extension, our TSTCBTC®2.0 system has overcome the difficulties of few times of drills, small intervals and short duration for the existing line to give a quick response and complete the task with quality and quantity guaranteed. This dual CBTC system with complete independent intellectual property rights has obvious advantages:

High starting point and self-reliance

  • Digest, absorb and recreate
  • Retains the proven system advantages of SelTrac™ CBTC: moving block in real sense, two-way ATP / ATO, rich and flexible operation support
  • Focus on the Chinese market and customer needs

High availability based on dual CBTC, able to cope with large passenger flow and meet customer demand

  • Full system redundancy and diversified data communication solutions with high availability, supporting FH-SS in open frequency band and LTE or other communication technologies in special frequency band
  • The integrated design of train control and interlocking with redundant configuration, covering all functions of the traditional interlocking system

Support fully automatic operation

  • More intelligent and reliable train control
  • Higher operational efficiency

Low cost in the full life cycle

  • Advanced maintenance system, providing comprehensive maintenance monitoring and maintenance guidance, easier to maintain
  • Streamlined system, lowering maintenance costs

With practical local innovation and rich experience in serving more than 30 metro lines, TST will help China’s urban rail development in the whole process. Our solution provided for your happy travel!