TST Congratulates the Opening of Phase II West Extension Line of Shenzhen Metro Line 9

The first train of Phase II West Extension Line of Shenzhen Metro Line 9 left the depot on December 8, 2019, marking the successful opening of the section. The section is 10.8km in length with 10 stations, including 5 transfer stations. The section is connected with the main line of Metro Line 9, connecting Luohu, Futian, Nanshan, Qianhai and other areas; as an major traffic artery connecting many western core areas of the city such as science and technology park, Nanshan central city, and Qianhai-Shekou Free Trade Area, it will further activate the energy of the areas and get deeply integrated with the development planning of Shenzhen of “north-south connection, eastern extension and western union”, “strengthening in the center and extension of two wings”.

As the provider of the signaling system for Phase I and II West Extension Line of Shenzhen Metro Line 9, TST worked closely with construction, operation, design, supervision, construction and other units of Shenzhen Metro to overcome the hardships on the west extension such as limited construction period, complicated environment, difficult signaling system debugging, and completed the project in nine months, providing a safe and reliable signaling system for the high-level connection with the existing section of Metro Line 9.

And TST adopted the on-board ATO adaptive function and overall insulation protection switch for the first time in the west extension project. ATO adaptive function enables great reduction of the ATO fine adjustment time and improvement of the parking efficiency and accuracy; the overall insulation protection of switch greatly mitigates the damage of traction return to the key signal units.

With the rapid development of shenzhen metro rail transit planning and construction, TST will continue to make effort to provide more high-quality and safe signal system services for shenzhen metro, help realize the “grid” development of urban rail transit, and provide more comfortable and efficient travel services for shenzhen citizens.