SEAG and TST Leaders Pay a Visit to Qingdao Project Site

On August 22, CFO Mr. Yan Yuan, on behalf of TST’s management, visited the project site of Qingdao Metro Line 8 together with the company’s Party committee and trade union leaders, and showed their respects to colleagues working in the frontline in spite of the hot weather. Guo Runping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee, and Chairman of the Trade Union of Shanghai Electric Automation Group (SEAG), as the leader of the higher-level unit, participated in the whole activity and expressed his care and support.

The delegation arrived at the Jiaozhou north section, 60 km away from the downtown of Qingdao. The project site was dusty, with uneven roads and poor working environment. The leaders personally experienced the hardships and difficulties of the colleagues on the site, and expressed their high affirmation and respects to them.

After leaving the project site, the delegation came to Qingdao Project Office and sat together with colleagues of Qingdao Project Department to talk about work and life. After learning about some problems encountered by the colleagues at work and in life, the leaders said they would do their best to help solve them by adjusting policies and optimizing processes. The whole exchange was harmonious, with happy laughter from time to time. Everyone felt the great care from SEAG and TST leaders in the friendly communication.

After the meeting, Secretary Guo unveiled the “Qingquan Staff Family”, marking the official establishment of Qingdao and Jinan staff families. “Qing” stands for Qingdao, while “Quan” (meaning spring) is the symbol of Jinan. “Qingquan Staff Family” is home to more than 30 on-site colleagues in the two cities. It enables the colleagues to carry out a variety of trade union activities, and provides a valuable platform for the enhancement of work happiness and team cohesiveness.

The leaders who participated in the activity included Jiang Jianfei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee, and Administrative Director of TST, Chang Jinhui, Vice Chairman of the Trade Union, and Deputy Director of the Customer Service Department of TST, Yu Jianchen, On-site Implementation Director, et al.