Let’s visit Laoshan Mountain by metro in 2021

Qingdao Metro Line 2 with the signaling system provided by TST has been opened in December 2017. Line 2 connects the most beautiful coastline of Qingdao, from the May Fourth Square to the Shilaoren Bathing Beach, making it one of the most beautiful coastal metro lines in China.

TST will provide interoperability signaling products for Qingdao Metro Line 8 which is expected to be opened by June 2020.

TST has won the bidding for Qingdao Metro Line 4 which runs through Shinan District, Shibei District and Laoshan District. By 2021, visit to Laoshan Mountain by metro will become a new choice for tourists.

Metro will make Qingdao, a seashore city with green trees and mountains and blue sea and sky, even better!

TST is looking forward to bringing more pleasant metro experience to Qingdao citizens!