Accurate Drawing Facilitates Centralized Control, While TST Forges Ahead to Ensure Safety

On the morning of October 29, 2019, Mr. Zhu Limin, deputy general manager of Shanghai Shentong Metro Operation Management Center and director of the General Dispatching Office, accompanied by dispatching managers of various lines of Shanghai Metro’s NetworControl Center and executives of the General Dispatching Center, arrived at TST Jinqiao headquarters for visit and exchange. Mr. Georg Koepfler, CEO of TST, and Shen Hong, secretary of the Party committee and DCEO of TST, expressed their warmest welcome and gratitude to the delegation on behalf of the company.

The delegation first visited the exhibition hall and the laboratory of TST. The two sides reviewed the achievements made in the past two years and communicated over the fully automatically operated Line 14 under construction. According to CEO Georg Koepfler, TST has always taken the operation dispatching needs as one of the focuses of our system R&D, and the company tries to meet the customers’ operation needs and usage habits and improve the overall operation efficiency of the network while maintaining a stable and reliable system.

Over the years, TST has attached great importance to the exchange and cooperation with various functional departments of Shentong. The successful cutover and operation of Line 5 last year also benefited from the joint efforts of Shentong Operation Management Center and TST. This year, with the guidance and assistance of the Center, TST worked with the Center to successfully complete the settlement of Lines 5, 6, 8 and 9 in the C3 building. On behalf of Shentong Metro Operation Management Center, Mr. Zhu presented a banner to TST at the meeting, for the recognition of smooth cutover of the C3 centralized control building this year. “Accurate Drawing Facilitates Centralized Control, While TST Forges Ahead to Ensure Safety” is the highest praise for the sincere cooperation of both sides.

Shen Hong, secretary of the Party committee and DCEO of TST, said that the exchange marked a good start for both sides to deepen mutual understanding and achieve win-win cooperation, and TST would continue to uphold the concept of customer first and safeguard the operation of Shanghai’s metros.