Look! We now have another line!




I have heard that the “Silkworm” of Songjiang has come along with Typhoon Lekima!

In the windy and rainy days, the “Silkworm” becomes brighter!



I’ll join you all to take the yellow tram to which I have been looking forward for a long time!

After stepping out of Exit 2 or Exit 3 of Songjiang University Town Station on Line 9, you have many choices.



Inner circle, outer circle



I’ll buy a ticket to visit the “Silkworm”.



The tickets are a little bit special.



I feel a little excited.



I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready!



I have got on the tram!



There is a dedicated lane for the “Silkworm”.

So there is no worry about others overtaking me.

It is a great experience to take the Songjiang tram.

The tram is comfortable and there is no noise.

The priority at intersections is amazing!



Such a great ride experience is impossible without the hard work of TST’s staff on the site.

The signal debugging work of trams is different from that of metros.

All procedures need to be done on the road.

Installation personnel on the site stuck to their posts, regardless of day and night, wind and rain, 

to ensure that the signal debugging work could be completed in a limited time.