Hello, I’m TST! A glance at MetroTrans 2019

On July 25, 2019, the three-day MetroTrans 2019 was grandly opened at Beijing International Exhibition Center. TST highlighted TSTCBTC®2.0 specially developed for the Chinese market to address the actual situation of large passenger flow. It supports fully automatic operation, and its advanced system design represents the development direction of the next generation CBTC system. Adopting the unique dual CBTC architecture, the system achieves higher availability and maximum infrastructure efficiency via system-wide redundancy, thus meeting the operator’s requirements for safe and efficient operation and providing passengers with safe and fast travel services.

Bao Xuding, former President of China Association of Metros, visits TST’s booth and gives guidance

Yu Guangyao, Chairman of Shentong Metro, listens to TST’s key technical presentation

Chief Engineer Liu Huiming presents TSTCBTC® 2.0 to Zhang Jun, General Manager of Dalian Metro

Chief Engineer Liu Huiming delivers a speech titled “TST’s Independently Innovated Signaling System Serves Fully Automatic Driving” at the Forum on Promoting the Innovative Development of Smart Urban Rail Transit, Intelligent Equipment and Intelligent System

Since 2004, TST has been deeply rooted in China’s urban rail transit signaling market, providing mature and reliable signaling system implementation services for more than 30 metro signaling projects in 14 cities across China. We will continue to bring more independently innovated products to the Chinese market.