TST practices independent innovation

Since the successful delivery of Wuhan Metro Line 1, China’s first CBTC line, in 2004, TST has been promoting its own technologies and implementing independent innovation based on the introduction of Thales Group’s world-leading SelTrac™ CBTC technology.

With the support of Shanghai Electric Group and Thales Group, TST has been investing heavily in local product R&D and innovation capabilities. The company owns a full set of simulation operation equipment, verification and testing platforms, and data communication and R&D laboratories, and has obtained over 400 software copyrights, utility models and invention patents. We have also won multiple awards and honors such as “High-Tech Enterprise in Shanghai”, “Shanghai Certified Enterprise Technology Center”, and “Shanghai Science and Technology Award”.

At this exhibition, TST will highlight TSTCBTC® 2.0 specially developed for the Chinese market. It supports fully automatic operation, and its advanced system design represents the development direction of the next generation CBTC system. Adopting the unique dual CBTC architecture, the system achieves higher availability and maximum infrastructure efficiency via system-wide redundancy, thus meeting the operator’s requirements for safe and efficient operation and providing passengers with safe and fast travel services. TSTCBTC® 2.0 was officially put into use in Shanghai Metro Line 5 in June 2018.

Intelligent operation and maintenance to reduce the life cycle cost is becoming the trend of metro operation and maintenance. At this exhibition, TST will also showcase our independently developed signaling system maintenance and management platform TTSSAMS®. It can provide all-around signaling system device status supervision and preventive maintenance services, thus greatly reducing equipment failure rate and operation and maintenance costs.

Since 2004, TST has been deeply rooted in China’s urban rail transit signaling market, providing mature and reliable signaling system implementation services for more than 30 metro signaling projects in 14 cities across China. We will continue to bring more independently innovated products to the Chinese market.