Shijiazhuang Line1 Phase 2 starts trial operation, showing rapid growth of the city’s rail transit

On June 26, 2019, Shijiazhuang Metro Line 1 Phase 2 officially started trial operation, with its signaling system delivered by TST.

As the north extension of Phase 1, the line is along Qinling Street and Xincheng Street. Phase 2 is from Xiaohedadao Station to Fuze Station, with a total length of 13.49 km and 6 stations. So far, the operating mileage of Shijiazhuang Metro Line 1 has increased from 23.9 km to 37.39 km.

Shijiazhuang Metro Line 1 Phase 2 was originally scheduled to be opened at the end of April 2020. As the line already in operation couldn’t meet the urban development and the increasing traffic demands of the citizens, after two rounds of expert evaluation, the opening time was finally determined as June 26, 2019, ten months ahead of schedule. The significantly shortened construction period directly led to delay of the pre-work such as civil engineering, track laying and power supply, and the time left for normal installation and commissioning of the signaling system was serious insufficient. Facing the difficulties, TST adopted section construction, cross-operation and other methods to overcome challenges such as insufficient commissioning time and poor construction conditions, and finally completed CBTC system extension and upgrading/transformation without affecting the normal operation of Phase 1.

With the trial operation of Line 1 Phase 2, TST will continue to provide safe rail travel services for citizens in Shijiazhuang.